Senator Richard Lugar Provided Essential Leadership to Prevent Nuclear War


Senator Richard Lugar, and admirable leader and statesman who worked effectively on urgent policy issues, has passed at age 87.  Senator Lugar worked across party lines and in cooperation with international communities to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology during the break up of the former Soviet Union.  Weapons and materials that could be used to make weapons were spread across 11 time zones and under loose control.  At times the nuclear scientists charged with their care were not … Continue Reading →

Chernobyl 32 Year Anniversary – Dark/Light Reflections


Inspector Geiger Counter Measuring Radioactivity on a Firefighters Discarded Clothing

Time flies by. It’s already been 32 years since the Spring day in April when things went terribly wrong in a place called Chernobyl.  I was a young man at the time.  My first company made radiation detectors and did some solar energy projects and research.  The winds shifted in Washington DC and solar had grown out of favor.  Today the winds have shifted in the Ukraine and the radioactive … Continue Reading →

Nuclear Issues in the News


Radioactivity, Fukushima
Sailors Aboard the USS Ronald Reagan Scrub the Decks During Fukushima Daiichi Events

The big news this week is that Donald Trump and Kim Jon Un will be meeting.

Let’s hope something good comes out of the meeting that will de-escalate the possibility of nuclear conflict.

Analysts are trying to determine if Russia is really deploying a nuclear powered cruise missile.

Also, as we approach the anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear events, Safecast is being covered by Japan Times.Continue Reading →

Still Hope to Prevent Nuclear War Yet US Ambassador Snubs Nobel Ceremony


Nobel Peace Prize 2017 Goes to ICAN

Today the Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded in Oslo as the possibility of nuclear conflict is in the news again.  Itʻs the holiday season, which is supposed to be about peace, reconciliation, brother and sisterhood.  Now is not a good time and there is never a good time for nuclear conflict.  Even if war is sometimes justified, nuclear war is not normal war.  It is not precise, it creates fallout that travels … Continue Reading →

Acknowledging the Hiroshima Anniversary


Seventy two years ago today the first nuclear weapon was dropped on human beings.  The debate about whether its use was justified continues.  The Washington Post asks “Was it Justified or Needless” here.

The Globe and Mail interviewed one of the survivors, a Hibakusha, Setsuko Nakamura here..

A few things about nuclear weapons are not really debatable:

  1. They are not precision weapons.  They destroy everything and everyone within a large radius including women and children.
  2. The effects of radiation
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Three Mile Island Link to Thyroid Cancer?


Health effects from exposure to low dose radiation are always difficult to assess.  It has long been assumed that there is no “smoking gun” to link a particular health issue to causation when dealing with the random effects of radiation exposure (especially when there are many other environmental and genetic factors to consider).  Looking at a single type of health effect that can occur from radiation exposure, Thyroid Cancer (TC), researchers at Penn State University have postulated that Radiation-induced Thyroid … Continue Reading →

Nuclear Proliferation Fears


We have a basic intention here to provide links to news and information that is informative and hopefully empowering.  It’s not very helpful to get stressful news about dangers that you have no control over.   William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense has produced a video titled  “My Nuclear Nightmare DC.”  His position is that we need to think about the dangers we are facing so that we can do something about them.  We share this video with trepidation, because … Continue Reading →

Diablo Canyon Transition, Fukushima Apology


PG&E Reactors at Diablo Canyon
PG&E Reactors at Diablo Canyon

A deal has been struck to decommission the PG&E reactors at Diablo Canyon. The reactors have been controversial for many years due to the close proximity of seismic fault lines. There has also been increased concern about the coastal location along the “Ring of Fire” since the tsunami generated nuclear emergencies at Fukushima Daiichi.

nuclear, seismic, ring of fire, diablo canyon, fukushima
Diablo Canyon and Fukushima Daiichi – Reactors along the Pacific Oceanʻs  “Ring of Fire”

The deal will replace the power generated … Continue Reading →