Nuclear Issues in the News


Radioactivity, Fukushima
Sailors Aboard the USS Ronald Reagan Scrub the Decks During Fukushima Daiichi Events

The big news this week is that Donald Trump and Kim Jon Un will be meeting.

Let’s hope something good comes out of the meeting that will de-escalate the possibility of nuclear conflict.

Analysts are trying to determine if Russia is really deploying a nuclear powered cruise missile.

Also, as we approach the anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear events, Safecast is being covered by Japan Times.Continue Reading →

Nuclear Proliferation Fears


We have a basic intention here to provide links to news and information that is informative and hopefully empowering.  It’s not very helpful to get stressful news about dangers that you have no control over.   William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense has produced a video titled  “My Nuclear Nightmare DC.”  His position is that we need to think about the dangers we are facing so that we can do something about them.  We share this video with trepidation, because … Continue Reading →

Nuclear Arms Race Continues


The top US General in South Korea claims that North Korea is now capable of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead and putting it on an ICBM.  See the NY Times story here.

Stars and Stripes Magazine reports on China’s growing nuclear weapons programs that bring a full triad of land, air and sea delivery capabilities here.

Foreign Policy says Putin has deployed nuclear weapons in Crimea, and may have violated the INF Treaty here.

NY Times covers the major renewal … Continue Reading →