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The Editorial Board of NY Times threw its weight behind Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumiʻs call for a national debate on nuclear energy in Japan in this Editorial.

Reuters is reporting on precautions being taken by Tokyo Electric as Typhoon Wipha moves through Japan here.

Safecast, an independent non profit organization, has mapped over 10 million radiation data points in Japan since the Daiichi incident.   They have won a prestigious Good Design Award under the category of Service and … Continue Reading →

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They call me the “Questions Girl.”   I wish I could say I donʻt know why.  But it wouldnʻt be authentic of me.   I really care about the planet.   I am insatiably curious about why things happen.  My teachers tell me that is good as long as I know when to stop.   Iʻm still learning about that.

The NY Times has been giving a lot of coverage to Fukushima these days.  I like to read the Times every day when I … Continue Reading →

BBC Article asks “What Have We Learned from Fukushima”


“People were just told to head north west……..but that was exactly the same direction the radiation cloud was moving. Some people were evacuated to an area where the radiation was even higher than here.”

Numerous reports were published by Three Mile Island Public Health Fund after the nuclear accident on March 28, 1979.  Recommendations were made on emergency management, improvements in off-site monitoring, communications, and more.

On April 26, 1986 Chernobyl  presented another opportunity to learn about managing a nuclear … Continue Reading →