Getting Up-to-Date on Fukushima Daiichi


Fukushima Well

A lot of news is breaking on Fukushima Daiichi.  While many sources point out worst-case scenarios, some of the pictures painted are clearly exaggerated.   Even if the worst-case scenario plays out, it will not be the end of life on the planet, as some in the blogosphere have claimed.   Humanity has survived the release of large volumes of nuclear radiation into the atmosphere during the days of nuclear weapons testing, and during the Chernobyl event.  Still, there is a lot … Continue Reading →

Former Chief of Fukushima Plant Dies


Masao Yoshida led the effort to contain the incident at Fukushima Daiichi following the March 11 2011 earthquake and tsunami.   Colleagues say he was “prepared to die” in responding to the incident, and credit him with preventing the situation from becoming much worse.  Our condolences to Yoshida-sanʻs family, friends, co-workers and associates.  Read more at Wall Street Journal.Continue Reading →

Japan Receives First MOX Fuel Shipment Since Fukushima Incident


Controversy and high security surrounded the first MOX fuel shipment from France since the Fukushima Daiʻichi incident.   Many Japanese, including ex Prime Minister Kan, are wanting to turn away from nuclear power.  The current Prime Minister Shinso Abe is pushing for restart of Japanʻs reactors.  Read more in this Bangkok Post article.Continue Reading →

Radioactive Iodine Release Map for Fukushima Published


A map showing how radioactive iodine spread after the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has been published online by the journal of the American Health Physics Society.

Researchers from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and the US Department of Energy analyzed radiation data they jointly gathered using aircraft in April 2011.  See the full NHK report and video.Continue Reading →